Celebrity Artist Gunjan Bhardwaj Preserves Memories Through 3D Life Casts At Precious Textures

Good memories of our loved ones are the most precious things in the world. Everyone tries to keep good memories fresh in their minds, but eventually it becomes difficult. Pictures definitely help to protecting the moments and experience, but they lack the touch and feel. 3D life casting is one of the best techniques to preserve memories and to frame emotions. This technique is often opted by many Punjabi celebrities and also various Bollywood stars. Many stars have shared their experiences of getting  life castings made, on their social media.

Gunjan Bhardwaj is the founder of Precious Textures, a company that specializes in creating beautiful 3D life castings that can be cherished forever. Gunjan started the company after being inspired by a life cast which she saw on social media. She wanted to create a similar life cast to preserve the memories she had with her husband. After finding someone to create the life cast for her, she was hooked and began experimenting with the process herself.

She faced many challenges during her journey to perfect the art of creating Life Casting. She struggled to find the right impression material and faced many difficulties in bringing the life cast to life. However, her passion for the craft kept her going, and after many failures, she eventually found the perfect materials and she developed her own processes to achieve the level of quality she always desired.

Gunjan Bhardwaj (Founder) also spent a significant amount of time in bringing the perfect finishing to the life cast, including sanding and painting. She even created her own colors for painting the casts, which are not available in the market.

There are many uniquenesses of Precious Textures & it’s products but the most important aspect is that they give utmost attention to details in creating the perfect 3D background to complement the perfect life cast. Gunjan wanted to create something new and innovative that was not available in the market, so she brought in a team of specialized artists to help in creating pure 3D artistic backgrounds for her life castings.

Gunjan can definitely be called a celebrity life cast artist, as she has worked with many Punjabi artists  to make their 3D life casts. The list of these artists is very long and includes big names like Kulwinder Billa, Kapil Sharma, Satinder Sartaaj, Sukh Kharoud and many others.

Gunjan & her company also takes great care in the process of framing the 3D life cast to give them the perfect finishing touch. The team spends time discussing and selecting the right backgrounds, right color combinations & perfect framings to complement the life casting & ensuring that every piece should look unique and spectacular.

Through her dedication and hard work, Gunjan has created a company that produces stunning and unique 3D life casts that capture precious moments forever weather it’s for new borns, newly weds, elders or your furry friends. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence has helped her stand out in the market and provide a product that brings joy and nostalgia to her customers.

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